What kind of energy are you “running?”

What kind of energy are you “running?”

hamsterGood Day, Lovelies!

Regardless of our awareness around it, we habitually ‘run’ or ‘swirl around in’ certain energy patterns … those states-of-being that we have learned and perfected over a life time. Some are brilliantly helpful … they were the first time we incorporated them, they continue to be helpful today. Others were perhaps helpful the first time incorporated, and today are truly limiting in their overall effect.

Today I’m marinating in AWARENESS of such patterns. Honest, non-judgmental AWARENESS of that which is ‘swirling around’ in our body, brain and space on a regular basis. AWARENESS of one of my usual ways-of-being (tried and true for me / I’m good and comfortable here … NOT because it’s comfortable, but because I’m used to it!)

Cryptic? Sorry.

To the point, here’s a pattern I”m running on a regular basis: Hamster-Wheel Energy / To-Do List Energy / Get-Er-Done Energy / Go, Go, Go!

To take this awareness a step further, I utterly enjoy the moments when I can look back and see how often I’ve incorporated and ‘lived-in’ such a state.  Those “Wow .. would you look at that?!”-type moments. (yeah, I’m a HUGE fan of catching myself in my stories!) This Hamster-Wheel energy is a common and long-lived state for me. I can trace it way back, and most certainly see and feel it alive and well in my current day-to-day.

Here’s one key factor of it that is up for noticing:
The ‘way-back’ me could manage it better. (which certainly helped in my ‘perfection’ of it)
The ‘NOW’ me recognizes just how caustic and depleting it is for me. Yep – time for a shift!
Ah, but How?

First and foremost: AWARENESS, as exaggerated above (yes … there is often reason for my all-caps writing style, even if troubling to those English majors out there. wink and smile)
Second: Acknowledge It (Hi, old friend)
Third: How Can I Help You? What Can I Do So That You Relax? (yeah, I’m using the hamster-wheel thing as example here)
Fourth: Over time, Cultivate a NEW relationship with this piece of me (you, with you and your story/pattern)

You see … “Get Er Done” is all good. It’s just all-consuming AND resulting in not-much-getting-done when truly out of balance.
Things can get awfully tough when there is no Yin to your Yang!

Finally, if I may be presumptuous (and because it quells my ego a bit … wink and smile), I dare say that many-a-person in our western society is utterly adept at running and living-with this type of energy. Yes … we’re adept at it. However, very often it is not helping us. Quite the opposite.

Resonate for You?
What other ‘States of Being’ have you made Perfectly-Yours?
Are they Helping?
Are the Limiting?

Have Fun … !
Smiles and Love.

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