Go from “Critical Mass” to

“I’ve So Got This!”

Imagine the freedom of feeling

in your element

each day.

Take care of you while you’re

taking care of business.

Life Balance

made easy.

Know and support yourself... experience

life fulfillment

What I offer you

Here is where you can start taking charge and getting your life back. I offer a variety of tools and coaching to help you live your life to the fullest - with clarity and success. Check out my programs below and see how I can help you today.

  • The Vitality Experiment

    A 28-day challenge toward greater ease, freedom and fun in your busy day-to-day. It CAN be easier. Ready?

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  • Mentorship Program

    Take real and lasting control of your life. The go-getter's guide to clarity, fulfillment and lasting success.

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  • Solution Focused Energy Work

    Your opportunity to rest and receive in these busy times. A key ingredient for success with balance and ease.

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  • New: Lantern Journeys

    Travel with purpose and with play. Check out our Spring '15 trip and get on the wait list for the next journey.

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About Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of just how amazing this world could be if each individual KNEW how they kicked-ass, took care and responsibility for their self-care, and gave of their unique gifts.  I know; perhaps a bit delusional. But how mind-blowingly amazing would that be?

I’ve spent years helping go-getters, givers, a-gamers and perfectionist to re-center their lives and save room for themselves (and some fun) in the mix of business as usual.

As a professional life coach and energy practitioner, I can help you to master your life, regain balance and develop lasting fulfillment, success and enjoyment through proven mentoring, coaching, guided challenges and energy work.

And I can help you too!

More about me

Rave Reviews for Julie

From a lifetime of helping Go-Getters and Givers

"What I am learning is that I can step back; It's okay to step back from the constant busyness and go, go, go. And ultimately I am realizing that I can do this in a way that is balanced, centered and peaceful."


"Working with Julie has taught me the importance of periodically and regularly slowing down to focus on my needs. The energy work serves as a wonderful and easier (more enjoyable) alternative to traditional meditation. I appreciate the practice of relaxing my body while giving my mind the liberty to move freely...with focused intention rather than meditation. This practice has allowed me to maintain a sense of balance and vitality during busy times!"


“Julie has a rare and extraordinary gift - the ability to sense and address the goals of her clients even when they have not yet been able to realize or state such desires. She is an authentic model for embracing a life of balance while being actively engaged in constant transformation.”


“After working with Julie ... "I feel much "lighter," less weighed down. It feels easier to put everything into perspective. I'm happier. :) Taking the time to mindfully consider intention has given me "permission" to reflect on many aspects of my life and persona. Feeling the difference it has made has reminded me of the power of intention, the interconnectedness of life and the fact that I am responsible for my attitude.”


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